This questionnaire is to make sure your wedding day goes by smoothly

and I won't need to bother you with questions on the day of your wedding.

My goal is to make sure your wedding day does not feel like a big photo-shoot

and instead you feel relaxed as you celebrate, trusting that we'll be documenting everything that's important to you. 

If you have a rough-draft timeline, please send that over as well.

If not, I'd love to help make one. Please fill out these questions as best as possible, thanks!

Please feel free to also send us over a simple mood board / or pinterest album / or just your favorite photos.

Do you prefer communication by: *
(I like to do detail shots of rings, invitations, dress, and things and get candid shot during this time.)
Planning for a first look allows for a more relaxing, un-rushed wedding day. You'll also get lots more couples photos as well as family/bridal party this way. We highly recommend a first look for every wedding. Almost all of our couples decide to do one, and no-one ever regrets it! If you want to keep it traditional, now worries! It will all work out beautifully.
Will your ceremony take place indoors or outdoors? *
Will your reception take place indoors or outdoors? *
Knowing this will help us capture all the details of your awesome decor. The earlier the better!
(We will need to make sure all formal portraits of family a couple photos are done before this time.)
We typically take off shortly after the cake cutting. By this time we have plenty of dancing photos, too. If you have a grand exit planned that you want photographed, consider adding extra coverage.
Both sides combine, not counting the bride and groom.
detail photos getting ready photos (hers) getting ready photos (his) first look photos wedding party photos family photos couple photos dancing photos
Will you be doing these events? Check all that apply. *
(For example are your going to since an acapella song in the middle of your ceremony? Or are you and your wedding party doing a surprise dance routine in the middle of your reception? Don't worry if you're not! I just like to be prepared if you guys are doing something like that.)
Should I know about a crazy aunt or uncle? (We all have one, haha.) Are all your parents together? I just want to make sure I'm sensitive about putting certain people in a photo together to avoid awkward situations for anyone.
Please feel free to describe, or email over any exact photos if you want to recreate.
If so please send me a link to their website so I can reach out and say 'hey!'
How can I contact them if needed?
Dress, tux, shoes, rings, bridesmaid dresses, etc.
The first kiss, together at sunset, hugging grandma, etc.